How Resilient Are Military Expenditures in the Context of Fund-Supported Programs? [electronic resource] - Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1988. - 1 online resource (48 p.) - IMF Working Papers; Working Paper ; No. 88/48 . - IMF Working Papers; Working Paper ; No. 88/48 .

This paper examines how military spending has been affected by Fund-supported programs. It looks at the changes in military expenditure as a share of gross domestic product (MIL/GDP) and of total expenditure (MIL/EX) for two subsamples of Fund-supported programs, broadly divided into fiscal tightening and fiscal accommodating. Under fiscal tightening, the evidence suggests that MIL/GDP decreases during Fund-supported programs, but that MIL/EX increases, revealing resilience to budgetary adjustments. Under fiscal accommodation, as total government expenditure tends to increase, so does military expenditure; however, the ratio MIL/EX declines, as fewer additional resources are allocated to the military.

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10.5089/9781451972139.001 doi

Government Expenditure
Military Expenditures
Military Spending

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